Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pajama Romp 6-hr
Astoria Park, Astoria, New York
July 28, 2012
For the second successive year, the Broadway Ultra Society's, chaired by Rich Inamorato held the 6 Hour Pajama Romp Race in Astoria Park. A course of 1.27 miles loop that includes a couple of significant hills, below RFK bridge (mostly known as Triboro Bridge) and Hell's Gate Bridges in Queens Borough New York.
Pre-race preparation
Last year only Jick Gellor and I were the only ones who took the courage to join the race. I remembered Jick and I ran the Queens half-marathon in the morning and few hours later there we are pacing ourselves at the Pajama Run at night in an intense heat and humid weather. What an amazing day of experience to run a total of 40.7 miles in 8 hours for both combined races.
But this year was well-attended by these following pinoy running buddies with no marathon experience except for Elaine Yulo: “Nonong Callao, Roy Alkuino, Elaine Yulo, Carol Tilanduca and Christian Lozada”.

As usual, my ever supportive wife Donna took lots of photos during the course of the race which sooner will be posted in the New York Ultra Running Web.

This year's weather was quite challenging compared to last. It poured heavily 10 minutes before the start. Although after a couple of loops the rain started to fade away, yet precipitation continued till the end with mix of humidity. And on top of that, we still have to navigate around puddles with our soaking gears. I finished the race with a total of 33+ miles, along with Nonong Callao despite of him being delayed for 10-minutes to attend to Road Side Assistance since he locked out his car keys inside the trunk. And of course, my wife almost kicked his butt for delaying that long. What a day. Not a good way to start a race. Take this lesson: relax before the race! . Unbelievable!
The awarding ceremony was a bit delayed due to some glitch on the electronic time recorder. It is actually the first time that the Broadway Ultra Society used electronic chip timer. Good thing that Richie Inamorato always rely on the old fashion manual method just for back up. It was so spectacular that all the Pinoy buddies completed a marathon and even more. What a remarkable night.
The best part was the after race social with lots of pizza and soda along with other treats. And of course the camaraderie of all runners was impeccable. All ages from different walks of life mingled together celebrating on common thing that they all enjoyed doing in life… RUNNING! When is your next race?