Run commute

Run commuting is when you replace your conventional commuting to work by just using your feet that you run with. I love running and believe run commuting is also an ideal form of active transportation.

For five days a week, I run 6.6 miles from Queens to Manhattan in New York City to my job. It is difficult to balance work, family and training. However, the good news is that there is  "Run commuting".

I started the run commuting in 2011 because training for a marathon and long distance races does take a lot of time and commitment. Training for these disciplines are time-consuming and run commuting is the only chance I can squeeze exercize into a busy schedule.

Nothing beats running to work. It’s a great way to log some serious distance while also doing something productive. Covering the route on foot didn't take me longer than the subway ride. By the time I got home, I am done with my workout. There is a lot more I see in run commuting than I see in a car or if you are in a subway. Interact in people too in some ways along my way.

In 2014, training for my first Badwater 135 Ultramarathon while residing in New York was a huge challenge. New York is flatter than a pancake! For the hills and mountains in Death Valley, the best idea to train for the uphill is the Queensboro Bridge on my run commuting route. The bridge has a span of more than a mile.

In addition, run commute avoid me from traffic and transportation costs while putting myself in a better mood during my workday. Those running endorphins can help my day. Although, running to work isn’t as fast or efficient as bicycle commuting, but it allows for a much hard workout.

My boss doesn't even know how I train in all my races or if a run commuting because she haven't seen me in my running outfit. However. The one obstacle in my run commute is figuring out how to clean up when I get to my work. For me, I can manage myself how I do it.

However, there are some other choice to get to work quicker. But no train, no bus, no car will match the sheer joy you get from running to work.


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