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By: James Castillo

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In July 2018,  I was the subject of a documentary featured film, "Running for Freedom: My Journey as an Ultra Marathon Runner" by an independent filmmaker James Castillo, based in Los Angeles, CA. The story is about running my 5th Badwater 135, considered as the world's toughest footrace.

Director’s Bio:
James Castillo was born in the Philippines but now resides in Los Angeles. He is an independent filmmaker that has made several short documentaries including Adventures of Flowerman, Save the Lighthouse and Backup2Recovery. He is the director for the Carlos Bulosan Podcast. Collaborated with Charmaine Clamor and Laurence Hobgood to make Motherland.

World Premiere:
It had its world premiere at the Cebu International Film Festival on September 27, 2019 and the North American Premiere at the International Film Festival Manhattan on November 17, 2019.

International Film Festival Manhattan Audience Choice Award.

International Film Festival Manhattan official selection for feature documentary.

Cebu International Film Festival official selection for long documentary feature.

Running Channel (You Tube)
Made it to the Top 10 (@6:10) in the  Running Channel, "Must See running films/BingeWorthy Movies".

Together with his crew, Gerald has to cross 2 deserts, climb 3 mountains, and run 135 miles during record-breaking heat across Death Valley within 48 hrs. The 2018 Badwater 135 is a record breaking year in Death Valley, 127 degrees that broke 1906's record of 126 degrees. Out of the 99 runners, 30 DNF(did not finish).

Plot Summary:
Considered as the world's toughest footrace, Badwater 135 is a goal every serious runner in the world wants to conquer. For the 5th time, Filipino Ultra Runner Gerald Tabios is accepted in the race. Only 100 runners are accepted for this event. The runners can have up to 4 support crews during the race. Gerald picks 3 runners to help him finish the race. Peachy, Ibar and Steve will be with Gerald along the way to provide support until the finish line. Elite ultramarathon runner Phil Mccarthy also made special appearance in the film. Along the way, we hear commentaries from the crew as well as other prominent Filipinos in the Ultra Running community such as Tess Leono, Ben Gaetos, Jovie Narcise and triathlete Joe Matias provide commentary in the film. The race starts at Badwater Basin, 282 feet below sea level and will end at the portal of Mt. Whitney, the mountain that has the the tallest summit in the entire contiguous United States. 2018 Badwater 135 is a record breaking year. 127 degrees that broke 1906's record of 126 degrees. Out of the 99 runners, 30 DNF(did not finish).

❝ The Journey of "Running for Freedom" documentary is awe and inspiring. Mr. Tabios is the embodiment of perseverance and athleticism of another level. As a Fil-Am, I felt empowered to see fellow Filipinos in the endurance running arena. Wishing you all the success.❞
Ell Cruz, on the the North American Premiere of Running For Freedom, November 2019

❝Congratulations Gerald Tabios (and wife, Donna) on your documentary, "Running for Freedom"! What an amazing feat to finish Badwater five times and to run 135 miles in record-breaking heat reaching 135 degrees Fahrenheit! Such an outstanding achievement, physically, mentally, emotionally. I can't even.❞
Bel Molina, on the the North American Premiere of Running For Freedom, November 2019