September 16, 2022

Receiving an award at the 2022 Outstanding Filipinos in America, held in The Town Hall, Times Square, New York in sports for his long distance running hosted by Philipine king of talks Boy Abunda.

September 7, 2021.


A podcast about running, fitness and all things health related.

It is for the mid-pack and back of the pack runner. It is for the unheralded runner who maybe doesn’t even do races at all but still gets out there on the roads or trails and loves running!

Episode 138 – Gerald Tabios Talks Badwater 135 & Running for Freedom!


Gerald Tabios is drawn to Death Valley and he's not even sure why. But this is his favorite race. Badwater 135 brings shudders to most runners, but for him, it is like a frienamy; he loves and dislikes this race. It's forever challenging, even though he's finished it numerous times. In this weeks episode, he talks about his adventures in the hottest place on Earth, as well as his other races and plans for the future. We also talk about the documentary made about his 2018 Badwater race: Running For Freedom. He's a remarkable runner and spokesperson for all those running ultras on pavement! 

August 5, 2018

Historic FilipinoTown Festival

Invited and was given a recognition at the 17th Annual Historic FilipinoTown Festival in Los Angeles for representing Mindanao's finest in the field of sports.

Here's an excerpt of my talk:

TV promo of the 17th Annual Historic FilipinoTown Festival: